Product reviews can boost your sales up to 18%

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Pre-order Shopify!

Is your webshop or website running on Shopify? Great! Soon we will launch our user-friendly plug-in in the Shopify store. Super simple to collect automated reviews about your products and/or company. The plug-in can be set up in just a few clicks. Starting today, we’ll give a 15% discount to the first 50 organizations that sign up. So you’re not tied down to anything yet. Do you already collect reviews at Trustpilot, TrustedShops or another official Google Review Partner? Then we will import them into our tool so you are not starting from scratch.

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Google Seller Ratings

Do you advertise on Google? Smart! Add reviews to Google Ads campaigns to increase click-throughs and reduce acquisition costs. This will result in the famous yellow stars.

Up to 17% more clicks on your ad

Lower advertising costs
More visitors = more turnover

Reviews & Ratings

By publishing the results publicly on your website through our publication widget, the quality and reliability of your organisation becomes clear to everyone. This helps you to retain and convince customers.
Pretty fresh widgets
Show how good you are
Take care of reliability
To be placed on all websites

Connect to your CMS

Through Feedback Company’s portal you can set up an automatic link with your web shop or CRM system, so you can automatically send invitations after a purchase on your web shop.
Automated invitation after purchase
Save valuable time
Linkable to all popular CMS


Customise the invitation text with your logo or choose one of our templates.

Review page

You get your own company page with all the reviews on it, which is easy to find in Google. Including a link to your webshop.

Trigger setting

Receive an automatic e-mail when a negative review comes in. This way, you can act and manage quickly.


Automatically send invitations via your webshop, CRM, CMS or other application? No problem at all. Our API link takes care of it.


Place 1 of the 6 review widgets on your own website. This ensures reliability for orientating visitors.


Always wanted to know and measure something with your customers? Compile your own questionnaire or choose one of our templates.

3,000+ organisations preceded you

Reviews are invaluable. Feedback allows you to show that you have what others are looking for.

Saskia Mey

Van Gogh Museum
Reviews help to convince customers who have doubts or do not (yet) fully trust the web shop, resulting in more sales.
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Kemal Tas

Ledstores Europe
Reviews are essential. Thanks to feedback, we have more customer data and indirectly, our sales increase.
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Matthijs de Vogel

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Start today with feedback!

Quarterly subscriptions
Start within 1 working day
€ 69,- / month

(also in dollars on request)


450 invitations monthly
2 domains/websites
Quarterly subscription
Review widgets
Build your own questionnaire
Reply to reviews
Helpdesk support
129,- / month

(also in dollars on request)

API GET voor custom review widget
1000 invitations monthly
Quarterly subscription
4 domains/websites
Review widgets
Build your own questionnaire
Reply to reviews
Helpdesk support
On request
NPS & CES vraag
API Get voor custom review widget
2000 invitations monthly
6 domains/websites
Quarterly subscription
Review widgets
Build your own questionnaire
Reply to reviews
Helpdesk support


Want to see the tool first? Then choose below for a Demo with one of our reputation management experts. Already familiar with collecting reviews? Then choose Quote.