We are Feedback Company

We are fair

Open doors are precisely the company values that you need to safeguard extra carefully. Because what seems obvious, is not always normal. Especially not in the review market. Therefore: Feedback Company stands for trust.

We rise to a challenge

Sitting still is not something we do. Comfort zones, we don’t do either. We always ask ourselves; can we improve? be smarter? more efficient? faster? We aim high, buckle down and go for it.

We are relevant

The most important thing is to never stop asking questions. Asking questions is in our DNA. At Feedback Company we not only know what to ask, but we also known how to listen.

We believe in data...

Data always pushes us in the right direction. Do you have a gut feeling? Yes! Then use the data for new insights. Thanks to data analytics, our own consultants, research methods and benchmarking, we are able to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of feedback.

... And in a better world

Feedback Company believes in equal opportunities and a better, fairer world. For everyone. This is why we find it important to make our contribution in the field of corporate social responsibility.

In reputation we trust.

Feedback Company is an expert in reputation management. Thanks to our years of experience in the feedback market, we know how to translate feedback into the desired branding and image, optimal business processes and improving employee and customer satisfaction. We do this through innovation and smart technical solutions, data analysis and asking the right questions. The feedback we collect is written by real people, and meets our strict reliability requirements.

Feedback Company is a young company with 28 employees and operates from the center in Utrecht.