Frequently asked questions

Are custom plans available? 

Yes! Every package is fully customizable, contact us for more information at

What are all the standard features included?

Feedback Company clients are offered: SEO Optimized review page, multiple widgets, Google integration, tailored invites, Feedback inbox, auto-feedback module, modify questions, modify lay-out, html editor, multi-language, statistics, email support, manual approval, company response, mediation service, personal service in own language, friendly sales team, mobile and email support.  

What is the contract period?

We work with short-term 3 month contracts which will be automatically renewed if not cancelled. 

Why are you so affordable? 

Feedback Company’s  aim is to make premium review features affordable for every company.

Can I get more invites, sites or features? 

Feedback Company’s offers you the flexibility to upgrade your invites or features at any time. Contact us: 

What languages does Feedback Company support?

Feedback Company supports 16 languages in total! We would be more than happy to add yours!

The ecommerce platform I am using is not in the integration list?

Feedback Company’s API can connect with all other platforms, please contact us about the possibilities. 

Is your sales team and customer service really that great? 

Feedback Company  aims to have the most friendly and helpful employees that fit in our values of being customer centric.  

Is my data secure? 

Yes, Feedback Company is 100% GDPR proof. Your data as well as customer’s data are in safe hands.

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