Google Review Partner

Feedback Company is one of the few official Google Review Partners worldwide. There are only 31 official partners worldwide who are allowed to carry the label. One of the advantages of being a customer of Feedback Company is that the collected reviews are automatically shown under the paid search avertisements in Google Advertisements.

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What does this mean for you as a user?

We push the collected reviews and customer generated photos and videos to Google Shopping and Google Ads. This creates the well-known yellow stars under the (product) advertisements. The result:

  • The yellow stars are a real eye-catcher, which gives the CTR (click-throughs) a huge boost.
  • Lower advertising costs of Google Shopping and the maximization of the ROI.

Push reviews towards Google Shopping and Google Ads for better results.

Urgency of Google Shopping

As e-commerce continues to grow, it is more important now than ever for merchants to connect with consumers online. In addition to increased online consumer usage, competition between merchants on Google Shopping has also increased. Thus, building an effective Google Shopping strategy is very important.

Enriching Google Shopping Product Listings and Ads with ratings and reviews is a very effective way for merchants to optimize their Google Shopping campaigns and stand out from the competition.

Google Seller Rating & Google Rich Snippets

In addition, to easily push reviews to Google Shopping and Ads, you can also use the Google Seller Rating and Google Rich Snippets.

Google Seller Ratings are the yellow stars that are displayed next to your paid advertisements. Rich Snippets are visible with your search result in the search engine. Through Rich Snippets you are more visible, which can lead to an increase in the click-through rate.