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The key to success

Feedback Company’s customer satisfaction survey provides insight into the quality of each business process. This is so that you know exactly what is going on and where the quality of your service needs to be improved for an optimal customer experience.
Dashboard with guided information
Ready-to-use questionnaires for each sector
Kant-en-klare vragenlijsten per sector
Consultancy and improvement reports

Customer satisfaction research

Understand and improve

A simple calculation tells us that more satisfied customers means a higher quality of service. Therefore, insight into customer satisfaction is a must in order to grow!

Customer satisfaction research from Feedback Company is used by organizations to improve internal processes. The research is also perfectly suited for external transparency as a marketing tool, accountability towards stakeholders or to improve the company’s image.

  • NReady-to-use questionnaires for each sector
  • NInsight in the performance for each business process
  • NInsight per team / department / branch
  • NConsultants who help you with the results
  • NReal-time online dashboard
  • NAPI connection for automated sending


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