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The seller in Cruquius has been really kind, unfortunately, that level of kindness and responsiveness got totally lost once we did the payment. The hard stone layer of our kitchen has a crack (which is also weird, considering that marble was one of the more expensive options and was described to us as super tough). A month after the installation, Superkeukens sent a gentleman to check. He came, put on some glue, and told us that we would be contacted to decide what to do because the crack is there. The kitchen costs 14,000 euros and got installed by the installer recommended by the shop (cost around 2000 euros), so there's no way that we could be responsible for this crack. In addition to the damaged top layer, one of the wall unit hinges has already got broken. For two months I have been writing emails and calling. Nobody ever replies to e-mails. On the phone, they told us they will let us know. The finishing work of my contractor depends on the kitchen, everything has been pending for 2 months and we don't know yet when and if it will be fixed. This attitude is shady and unprofessional, especially considering the cost of the kitchen. Once you pay then you are no longer worth anything at least in Cruquius.

Score voor Superkeukens: 0.5/5
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