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Sandra Ross


I have to be honest, I had great hopes for the process, but have been let down bitterly.

The cars we received did not meet expectations, had wrong spec, the company that supplied the cars are dishonest and I wish that I had have done the leg work myself.

We spent $104,000 on 2 cars and regret to say, was a very poor experience.

My reputation has been tarnished and I am very disappointed with myself, the process and the people that I engaged with - all well intentioned, but lacked attention to detail.

We did not get what we wanted.

Is there anything you would recommend to improve this company's service for next time?

Attention to detail. Ensuring that the product spec'ed is the product ordered, is the product that is delivered.

Score on Private Fleet: 0.5/5
Would you recommend this company? No
Gender: Female