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I went there as per advise from house doctor. Sessions took place in the office at Zuidas.
It is claimed to be ‘the response in back pain’ that was not case for me after more than 10 sessions and 8 weeks of visits.

My back did not get any better.

What I experienced;
- not personal treatment although I told that I have the pain for a year.
- I asked myself to have a dry needling treatment that I’s expect to be advised before my request
- There was no dry needling expert in my dry needling appointment
- Breakdown point for me was - when I was given an advice of ‘not to press my back’ after I said that it hurts a lot when I press to the point
- I have not called back after 3 months of my last appointment. So, there is no follow up

The only positive experience I had was ‘friendliness of staff’.

Back pain is a terrible thing that limits my daily life. I cannot play tennis, do snowboarding and need to stop running time to time.
It requires personalised approach and sincere will for help.

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