Feedback Company guidelines

Share your experience honestly and safely


Who are we?

Feedback Company collects feedback for companies. This feedback, or review, is important for them to know how their business is performing, furthermore, new potential customers also use these reviews to determine if they want to do business with them. Therefore we want to thank you for using our system to write a review, but it must comply with a number of rules:

You have purchased something or had an experience

If you have had an experience, purchased a service or purchased a product, you can leave a review with us for this company.

What is included in a purchase or experience?

An experience can be gained in several ways. A purchase, visit to the store, contact via email, contact via phone, conversations via chat, all give you the right to write a review.

A purchase means that you have paid for a service or product, this gives you the right to write a review with us about the company. A purchase is (often) a combination of contact and purchase. 1 review may be written about 1 purchase/experience.
If you are old enough to be allowed to order from the company, you may also review them.

Owners, employees and those closely involved are not allowed to review the company.

What is allowed in a review and what’s not?

It’s important that your review is written based on your opinion and your experience. A review based on “hearsay” is not an experience of your own and is therefore not permitted. It must be your experience/opinion.

What’s considered to be an experience?

An experience based on (for example) only a visit at the website or the attempt to reach out without receiving a response back is unfortunately not enough for a review on our platform. There must have been interaction with the company.
By assessing the company through a review based on their price, product (which they offer or do not offer) or payment option (missing a provider) – without a purchase – is unfortunately not sufficient for a review with us.
Be extensive in your review what your experience/opinion is. This helps our customer and their potential customers further. By extensively explaining your experience, it’s worth the most.
Our platform is not intended to respond to another review or given business response by writing a new review, this is therefore not permitted.

Review your recent experience

The experience gained (for example) a year ago is no longer relevant today. It’s important that your review is based on a recent experience with the company and/or product(s) that’s being reviewed. A recent experience is no older than 3 months.

Review is linked to your existing email address

To write a review, a valid email address – private, general company email, or personal email address from work – is required. This email address is kept from everyone except for Feedback Company and the specific company being reviewed. Both parties can approach you about your review for verification or clarification.

Keep it neat and ensure a neat review!

Share your opinion, but keep it civilized.

What’s not allowed?

Threats, lying, discrimination, hate speech, biased commentary, intimidation, blackmail or belittling and/or insulting people. Direct attacks towards persons or personnel are strictly prohibited.
You must not infringe other people’s rights and do not act unlawfully within the review. The personal safety of someone and his or her property should not be threatened, abused and/or hurt.

The disclosure of traceable personal data via a review is not permitted.
This applies to your data, but definitely someone else’s. Think of first and last name, physical address, age, telephone number or place of residence. Only a first name is possible, but a combination of first name and place of residence are traceable personal data. No one can judge how if someone wants this data exposed, so keep this information away from your review as much as possible.

Don’t advertise

Our platform is not intended to convince others how good it is somewhere instead of the company you’re reviewing. It is therefore not allowed to promote another party, product or person in your review. Criticize, but don’t promote another company or product.

What if my review does not comply with the guidelines?

If a review does not comply with our guidelines, Feedback Company has the right to censor the review or take it offline. When this occurs, you will not be notified.
Reviews are systematically and manually checked, but a review can also be reported to us, then we will act based on these rules.

If you have any questions about our guidelines, reviews or your review, please contact:

Terms of use

By leaving your review you agree to the following terms of use:


  • You declare that your review complies with the house rules;

  • You agree to be the sole author of your review and you voluntarily waive all rights therein;

  • Feedback Company and the relevant company may use your review in any form at any time and in their sole discretion without any form of compensation to the author;

  • After verification, reviews are posted on the company page at Feedback Company and passed on to Google. Google can use the review to show stars for the company with their ad in Google ads. The email address is not shared with them, only the review;

  • Feedback Company has the right to remove, censor, refuse or temporarily not publish the review;

  • You agree to indemnify Feedback Company and/or the relevant company against all claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential damages) arising from non-compliance with the guidelines and conditions;

  • Feedback Company excludes (to the extent permitted by law) any liability for damage resulting from the collection and/or content of reviews;

  • You agree to the storage of personal data such as your name, e-mail address and IP address in accordance with our Privacy Statement;

  • Dutch law applies to the guidelines, the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement. The Dutch court has exclusive jurisdiction.