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API full integration

Seamlessly integrate information about your company into your existing systems. For your customers on your website and for you in all your business software.

With our Application Programming Interface (API), you can integrate all our features into your existing systems with ease.

The possibilities are endless. What do you think of displaying reviews on your website? About your business in general or a specific product. Thanks to integration with your business software, you can automatically send feedback requests and compile statistics.

What is an API?

An API is like a waiter in a restaurant who talks to the customer, takes their order and passes it on to the kitchen. But in our case, your existing systems are the customer and our feedback software is the kitchen.

Because these programs are not normally able to communicate with each other, an API is needed to act as an intermediary. So you can make use of the features of Feedback Company in the programs you’re already using.

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