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2470 Reviews

Birgitte Olsen

OK! :)
Thank you.
❤ Vincent.


Speedy delivery. Nice merchandise.

Very Happy Customer!

Excellent experience. Very happy with the ease of purchase and very pleased with the high quality of the piece.

Improvements or suggestions

I really like the YouTube videos going into details on the paintings. If it’s possible to do more of those that would be fantastic. Also if it’s possible to link the existing videos to the paintings in the web shop, that would be nice. But those are just minor suggestions. I am so happy with the piece, thank you again.


Very good

Improvements or suggestions

No issues


I ordered the starry night totebag online

George Mc Kane

Perfect. Ordering easy. Delivery quick. Products wonderful.

Improvements or suggestions

All good for me.

Carolyn Chapas

Well it’s still on it’s way! We will have it by 6 USA CST
You’ve done an outstanding job getting this to us so fast. My husband has 4th stage cancer and for awhile we thought he didn’t have...

Improvements or suggestions

Everything is just ducky the way it is!


Easy to order and very fast delivery.

Improvements or suggestions

My one suggestion is something I would say to all online retailers.
Please inform the purchaser that there will be delivery made by a parcel service ( in this case DHL)and that there will be extra shipping charges.
I don't mind the extra charge, but I would like to know about it when I am making the order so I can budget for that.

Helle Brix Froulund

Almost good experience BUT the t-shirt was not perfect. There are white areas on the sleves without print - sad to say.

Quick delievery though.

Best regards, Helle Brix

Improvements or suggestions

Check your products now and then before sending them

Chris Mcintyre

Very helpful and supportive staff

Improvements or suggestions

My experience was wholly positive.