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Angelika Asman


I have purchased 3 things I am happy to share my opinion :)
The first thing was a brief for inserting a dildo, with the product I am very satisfied it holds the instrument very well, does not stretch, does not smell and in the diameter you can insert a larger dildo of course pleasant to the touch.
The second thing I bought was the Realistische Dildo 3D Triple Density Cock 13 cm. Nice to the touch and the pleasure of your partner. It smells a little bad , but after washing the smell goes away.
The last product was a lube by Waterglide - Orgasm Gel, it smells nice, tasty, but the partner was not satisfied felt cold discomfort during penetration. Overall I would recommend this website, there are lots of products, some sites are missing a lot of the range. I think I will definitely buy I am not a product here yet and would love to test your products.

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