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Rene Mulder


I've ordered all my business shirts with Bivolino in the past 5 or so years.

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The shirts are beautiful, long lasting and a good fit. I like the options provided to really tailor your shirt to your own wishes.

They also pro-actively contacted me that my order was of a different fit than my previous orders asking me if I was sure. Since my offer was two shirts at once, they offered to ship one shirt first, allowing me to change the fit of the second shirt afterwards. This was fantastic service.

Verbeterpunten of tips

The website is an absolute nightmare. I've really considered not ordering with Bivolino anymore due to the horrible experience on the website. It is buggy (use of units and currency), slow, complex and still manages to lack simple features such as automatically saving designs in progress or using multiple coupons in a single order.

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