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Really terrible service. Ordered a container, and they sent the rudest driver to deliver it. He refused to put the container inside our driveway claiming it wouldn't fit, even though we previously had 2 containers delivered there without a problem. We tried to tell him that using google translate but he refused to communicate with us, and just went back to the truck. Costumer service called us and said the driver is the one that decides, after we explained once again that two containers were already placed there in the past. If I could post a photo of the driveway with the containers it would be obvious how ridiculous the driver was being, as there is more than enough space. But a good company would talk to the driver or at least check the pictures instead of the ridiculous policy that the driver is always right. Just an awful waste of our time.

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Dear Ana,
Thank you for your review.
First of all, we would like to indicate that we’re sorry that the container could not be placed as desired. We spoke to the planner who spoke to you this morning. We would like to ask you to contact us from now on instead of contacting the executive party. She indicates that you want the container at the back of the driveway, the driveway is so narrow that it is difficult to maneuver the gantry truck and place the container as desired. Also due to the waste present in the driveway. The risk of damage is therefore very high, which is why the driver has chosen not to place the container at the back of the driveway.
The planner indicated that the container could be placed at the front of the driveway, but unfortunately you didn’t want that, therefore the container was ultimately not placed.
We would like to know what you want with the order, placing it is certainly possible, just not at the back of the driveway.
Hope to hear from you soon so we can move forward with the order.
Yours sincerely,

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