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Dreadful, but we should have realised from the beginning. As soon as we paid the deposit €2400 for our new website we noticed a massive fall off in communication, timeline is as follows: On 23rd April Kay from Microdesign saying he would add us on basecamp and would get back to me that evening. On 27th April I still not heard anything so i emailed him, he replied on 28th April adding us to basecamp, we obviously thought he must be busy. On the basecamp he asked some questions about the project, we replied immediately on that day and on 29th April stated that is all I need for now and will be back to us with more questions soon. Time passed with hearing nothing so on May 20th we emailed Kay and asked him for an update, he replied later that day saying he was on the road and would get back to us with an update that evening or tomorrow. We heard nothing so on 4th June we emailed Kay again asking for an update stating if he was too busy to let us know as we were way behind on the project and please let us know so we could hire someone else. He did not reply so we emailed again stating that as we had not heard anything from anything we were going to use someone else. Upon this email Kay immediately replied stating he had sent us an email with designs and wire frames on 21st May, however we had received no email and nothing existed on basecamp except the emails from us chasing him, however stated we should have called him to discuss, even though we had been waiting since April for designs. Following Kay's email on June 4th we replied stating the time delay was costing us money and therefore as we were behind on the deadline we would look for our deposit back minus any immediate cost incurred. We did not receive a reply, we emailed on June 10th asking for a reply, again 14th June detailing how much we had contacted him and when again we contacted him on June 23rd stating this was the final opportunity to reply before we take things further, he then replied stating our cancellation meant we weren't due our money back but would continue the project at the same cost, but obviously chose not to reply to us which he constantly did. Obviously by this time we did not want to deal with this person and felt we had been scammed out of our money, we then threatened legal action and only then did Kay start to reply to our emails. He blamed the situation on mis-communication when it was clear that once it had our deposit he did nothing, then once we threatened legal action only wanted to continue with the work to keep the money. We now hear nothing from him and have hired a lawyer in Den Haag at considerable expense to make sure this person does not keep our money for free, he constantly lied, tried to fool us by saying he sent work to us but he did not and it doesn't exist on basecamp, to do this day we have never seen any work and he has stole our money for no work. We will pay our lawyer to get our money back and even if we get lose money because of lawyer at least Kay does not get money for nothing and continue to scam people. All documentation is available to view, this person should not be allowed to get away with this scam.

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