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From my experience as an English speaker, Libero service is useful for someone who knows nothing yet about the home buying process in the Netherlands. If you already know the process, then the help is minimum. You pay for what you get, perhaps a little too expensive for the internet/remote service.
Here are some considerations for improvements:
- Should have investigated potential future plans related to the potential home e.g. change landscape, new complex planned in the neighbor, etc.
- I used it mainly for checking the legal aspects and details of the deed. Even for this, I have to finalize the last step myself with the other party.
- Could have been more proactive. I have to follow up myself most of the time during the process.
- Need more friendly service to English speakers (Want-to-be personalized email, but just auto-generated emails, only in Dutch).


Hi Duy,
Thank you for your review. We will take some of your recommendations into consideration because we want to deliver the best service as possible.

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