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I am not happy about choosing Libero to be my guide in the purchase process. My agent, Pascal gave me a clear indication that all he cares about is finalizing the deal as soon as possible to move to the next customer. I almost always had to call or email him multiple times to get an answer. He questioned my trust to him after I asked to be on cc on every conversation he has with the seller party while I gave him space to do the negotiation on his own. He just became an extra pillar to manage instead of him taking some work from me - while this is the main reason to hire a purchase guide. All the mails he wrote was weaseling - incomplete answers to asked questions. In short, I regret working with Libero, it was not just a waste of money but also a waste of time which is more valuable than money.


We're sorry to read that you didn't like our service.
There is one thing we need to explain about the emails between our broker and the seller broker. It is not common that clients are in the cc, so that is the reason that you were not in the cc in the emails we sent to the selling broker.
We wish you luck with the process of buying a house.

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