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H. Halajyan


Negative experience. Purchased tires were confirmed as shipped, then cancelled and appeared again with higher price.
Customer support explained that as issue with the CSV source that is being populated by suppliers.

Wat vond je het zwakste punt in onze webwinkel en zou je ons adviseren om aan te passen.

make sure that you actually have the merchandise with the advertised price at the moment when order is placed

Reactie Autobanden Prijsvechter:

Dear mr Halajyan,
Thank you for your feedback.
Your story is right. We have over 50.000 different tires and more than 10 Million tires in our webstore. Every 2 hours we read ( by CSV ) new stock and prices into our webshop, with a minimum of 12 pieces. So normally all the stock in our webshop is available. However is it possible, that our main-supplier sells 12x the same tire at once. Then you can still order it in our webstore, while they are out of stock in real life. Within 2 hours at max, the new prices and stock are available then. But when supplier nr 1 doesn`t have stock, we read in supplier nr 2, after that nr 3 etc etc. If supplier nr 2 is than much more expensive than supplier 1, then we still can deliver the tire, but not for the same price. In your case the difference was around 30-40 euro per tire. If it was 1-2 euro, we would pay the difference ourselfs. But that wasn`t the case.
We paid you back your money right away and you ordered again. We were glad to help you. Best regards. Team Ap

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