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I have shopped with Bivolino for about 8 or 9 years, having found them on the internet via google. My husband's shirts were poor quality and ill-fitting from most shirt manufacturers, even Marks & Spencers bespoke service couldn't offer the choice of lovely fabrics for all seasons that Bivolino has. The fit obviously is amazing, the attention to every detail is excellent and the wide range of fabric prices means that a bespoke shirt can fit into every budget. The fabrics can fit into every occasion. The quality of Bivolino's shirts lasts and lasts so is also great value, you'll need to order more designs as you'll start to get bored with the same ones never wearing out!


It's easy to understand, although see below, it has become more difficult! In the past, once I had all the details , it became a simple exercise to re-order. The choice of fabrics has grown, including dress shirts. Additionally the styles have grown too and one can now really tailor the design with numerous collar styles. Companies now don't expect workers to be so formal in their attire, many casual shirts 'off the peg' are just too casual and poor quality, at Bivolino a casual shirt can still be fabulous and fun but can take you anywhere and you still look the part.

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This time, I couldn't seem to log in using my email address and password. I therefore had to contact the company and received a link to login. However the site took me all the place, first it was in Dutch, I tried to change it to English and the first page was English and then the shirt details page went into French. I tried ordering in French but then I couldn't update personal details. Basically we have ordered for a family member before and his details kept appearing as a default rather than my husband. Also I wanted to order 3 shirts, I couldn't choose between the wonderful fabrics on offer, but by the time I had done 2 shirts I couldn't spend any more time on this exercise as I had work to do. An easier way of ordering or clicking the name of the person so all shirts could have the same details as opposed to going back and inputting everything from scratch. I understand, however, that this must be quite hard to do, but despite knowing the site well it took me a long time to do 2 shirts and I really wanted 3!

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