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Dimitri Gkouma


Hmm uknown mushrooms inside a cocoa mixture. Doubtful if it's just plain cacao or not. I ordered a variety of mushrooms and i got sth with cacao flavour.

What are strenghts of VehGro according to you?


Reply Vehgro:

Dear Dimitri Gkouma,
Thank you for your review. We really appreciate it when customers take their time to write us a review. Unfortunately, you state that you are not totally satisfied with the received product.
We take this seriously and our quality team has tested the batch you have received as well. After investigating the product, they came to the conclusion that the product is just like other batches and the taste is typical for a mushroom mix and not cacao.
When you have questions, you can always contact our customer service and we are open to help you with your questions!
Kind regards,
Team VehGro

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