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Great. I had purchased the product because I often forget to have breakfast and lunch and wanted to replace those events with something that I could combine with work. Queal allowed me to prepare a “meal” in the evening before I went to bed so all I had to do in the morning is grab my queal shaker from the fridge.

Taste: the products I have sampled so far taste great, they resemble tastes of real food more closely than expected. The only surprise for me was that Queal tastes rather salty when you take your first sip.

Nutrition: I can clearly notice that Queal is a replacement for a nutritious meal, I used to loose weight fast when skipping lunch and since I started consuming one portion of Queal in the morning I might have even gained a bit of weight. I also feel saturated after consuming Queal and have less craving for snacks during the day. However in the after noon around dinner time the craving for dinner is much more intense, this is something my girlfriend also experienced when trying Queal.

Health: this might sound strange but Queal has made me feel healthier and more energized. Although I’m currently experiencing a minor cold, I have had multiple days where I felt like I had a good breakfast and was more energized. Consuming Queal daily has also resulted in more consistent and improved bowel movement.

Price: this threw me off a little, Queal advertises the price of 400Kcal when making a purchase, I suspect this has something to do with competitors having portions of 400Kcal and also advertising the price for this serving size which makes it easy to compare Queal price to competitors. However Queal comes in servings of 700Kcal, this means I mistakenly thought I was paying only half of what I was paying per serving. TL;DR The pricing of Queal is great and affordable, however it was advertised in a confusing way and I felt cheated after realizing this.

I also ordered 2 shakers and received only one measuring cup. The other shaker (and two bags of Queal) were for my girlfriend to try, it would’ve been nice to be able to also give her a measuring cup.

Overall I’m very happy with Queal and will be placing another order today.

My favorite flavors so far: Apple Pie, Chocolate and Banana.

Score on Queal: 4.5/5
Would you recommend Queal? Yes
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