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Bruno Seifert


In general very good.

The only thing I'd like to complain about is that the steady shakes are too sweet in general. Though I feel like I've gotten more used to it already after a week, it's hard to convince friends who aren't used to soylent like shakes yet with these. And all my other friends agree that Mana's more neutral taste is still the gold standard, though the variety of tastes is a plus for queal.
The vanilla shakes are definitely too sweet, in my opinion too sweet to be enjoyable.
The hazelnut chocolate ones have a pleasant blend of both tastes, but it's a buried under the general sweetness.
I expected cookies and cream to be as overbearingly sweet as vanilla and was pleasantly surprised by it only being a bit too sweet. Still could be less sweet in my opinion, but the overall taste is good.
The same applies to the mochaccino and banana flavours. The coffee flavour of the mochaccino especially is spot on.

The oats have a more balanced taste - I like these a lot! They'd be even better with a more oatmeal-like texture, but I guess that complicates production.

The bars are great as a quick, nutrient-dense snack if I want something to actually chew, but they're a tad dry and the nuts & apricots one has too little taste.

After typing all this criticism I feel the need to specify that I'm entirely satisfied with the products apart from vanilla shakes. It's just proposals for improvements.

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