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Nina Cross


It has been good,


i really like the positive tone of queal and all the information offered on the website. This made a huge impact for me on deciding wether or not to try queal. I like the packaging of the products, and the box in which they arrive. I wish that there was less bubble plastic used in the box. Especially since drinking queal is environmentally friendly this was a little bit of a disappointment to me.


I enjoyed the mild flavors of the shakes I thought this was a huge plus because it’s not overpowering and also allows me to be able to ‘tweak’ the flavors by adding other ingredients in the shake like peanut butter for instance. I did not like the green tea shake. I chose that shake because I thought it wasn’t too ‘sweet’ or reminiscent of something sweet so i could drink it for dinner. But it tasted very artificial. I hope that in the future you could maybe add flavors more suitable for dinner time, or a neutral flavor that can be used as a base for example a green ( not sweet ) smoothie. I had the same problem with the apple pie flavor that also tasted a little artificial ( lack of better word ) Also please add more flavors! I know that most shake selling companies don’t sell a lot of flavor, but i do consider that to be one thing that is very important because when you want to drink queal every day and you don’t like certain flavors it doesn’t leave a lot of options. This is the reason I won’t be ordering as much as i had intended to because drinking the hazelnut chocolate flavor over and over again got a little boring.

The Bars

I tried the chocolate bar.
And i really did not like it, i really hoped i would. But queal in solid version was not for me. For some reason i imagined it to be crunchy and filled with actual pieces of dark chocolate.


The pricing is amazing. As a student, the convenience and the pricing makes it the ideal quick student meal. I appreciate the low shipping costs.

I hope this wasn’t too long, but i really wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully support/help the company by sharing them

Reply Queal:

Thank you so much for the extensive review Nina! Great to read all the feedback. We will always try and add more flavours and in a week or two, we will have another great one available!

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