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The experience has been good with a few minor issues. I like to eat meals that are around 400kcal but I had to calculate how many scoops of Queal I need + the millilitres of water that I need. It's something you have to do once but most other companies use 400kcal as a baseline.

The flavours are quite strong and the apple pie one tastes more like apple pie than the real thing. The flavours could maybe be a tad less sweet. Also, the high amount of "sugar" that I saw shocked me at first but then I read that 2 different ingredients are counted as sugar but they're not really sugar. It's just odd that they're not just carbohydrates if they're not actually sugar. It was slightly confusing as the grouping didn't make sense to me.

TL;DR I like the taste and texture of Queal.

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Thank you so much for the awesome review!

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