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First time buyer, 5 packs: 2x forest fruit, 2x apple pie, 2x strawberry. Liked them all! Flavours not too strong, and I'm glad that there's a bit of texture (feels more like a meal). Apple pie taste is really good, but subtle. I know Queal 5.0 is coming, but please don't make the tastes stronger! So I'm happy with the powder and will order some more when 5.0 is available in all flavours.

I also got a free Go bar -- thanks for that. I liked the texture, and it's very filling, but the chocolate taste was WAY too strong for me. Really, it's like eating a thick chocolate cake. Now, some people may love that, of course :-) But I found it a bit sickly, half-way through. It'd be better if, like Queal powder, the flavour was subtle -- in the background, so to speak.

If you make vanilla Go bars, though, with a softer and milder taste, I'd love to get some!

Keep up the good work, guys :-)

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Thank you for the extensive review Mike! Great to hear your experiences with the powder and bars :) And not to worry, the flavouring will be the same in the 5.0 version.

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