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This is a review of VIP meet and greet which park hero have listed on their website.

Dropped car off no problems. Arrived back at Manchester airport on 04.02.24. Car was driven in by employee of VIP, with front alloy wheel smashed and tyre hanging off. Employee stated "hit pot hole" on transit to the airport. Employee then actually carried on driving my vehicle following this, despite completely ruined front wheel. The distress this caused us watching the car being driven in this state was significant. No offer of apology. Employee spoke to manager on the phone. I asked to speak to him and was told to fix the spare small tyre on the car. As I spoke to the car park attendant about the long stay, the manager told the employee to go into the back of our car and take the spare wheel out of the back which he tried to do without our permission. We could not believe the gaul of this and insisted the manger attends the scene. When he eventually arrived he was unhelpful and argumentative. Proceeded to apportion blame on us for what he perceived was a tyre "blow out" due to "low tread" on the tyre. The whole conversation became one of blame towards us. Stated he wanted to help but consistently made excuses for the incident and down playing the severity of the situation. When I asked about recovery and repair he stated the company would not be paying for the repair of my car and that we had effectively signed our rights away. His manner was that of utter contempt. We were utterly disgusted with the accusatory nature which was clearly a defensive ploy. Informed us he would not provide recovery costs. I was very wary of driving the car following this accident. Details of employee taken in the hope he has some insurance. Took photo of his driving licence thank heavens. We were made to feel vilified throughout the whole incident which was not any fault of our own. instead of being reassured and helped we felt like we had done something wrong. I changed the wheel for a spare small wheel and had to travel over 100 miles following this incident unsure of any other structural damage that may have occurred to the car putting me and my wife at risk. Felt pressured to put the wheel on and make the journey as it was late on a Sunday night and was told, mockingly that I was stupid to think there would be an alternative to leaving the car until it was deemed safe to drive. The resulting inspecton of my car the following day was the alloy wheel was hit with so much force it has cracked. 2 garages concluded the car had impacted a high kerb. The resulting continued use of the car following the impact has now ruined the clutch and the alloy wheel is obliterated. The staff at Manchester airport were really helpful and allowed us to stay longer without charge whilst this incident went on for over an hour. I took the details of the employee who appeared completely detached from the situation and would not provide any clear information about what happened to the car, where the incident took place or why he continued to drive the vehicle following the accident. I have opened up a claim on my insurance and will have to pay the excess on a total bill which is so far estimated at over £2000. If you are looking for a reliable, customer focused and professional service, it's not with this company. They should and will be investigated by trading standards. This is just one of many terrible experiences people have had with V.I.P meet and greet parking. Avoid.

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Hello Alex,
Thank you very much for your review. We are terribly sorry to hear about this experience. Could you please email us at your earliest convenience at so we can investigate this further for you?
Kind regards, Team Parkhero

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