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Trevor Oldacre


Walked out, as he shouted after me "have a wonderful holiday ".....because of my accent he obviously thought I was coming on holiday, and couldn't process that I had left my car with them in order to go on holiday. A bizarre experience all in all, which I can only assume was due to racism. Disrespectful. Aggressive. Rude. Not to mention we were transported in what was obviously a vehicle which was illegal, and the fact my car in such a mess when I collected in, I can only imagine what they had done with it. Not worth my time and energy to argue with a man who obviously had an issue with me for some strange reason.
Use at your peril.

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Replace your chap in the office as a starter.

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Hi Trevor,
We are very sorry to hear about this experience. Could you please contact us at and tell us your full story? We are confident that we'll find a suitable solution. Hoping to hear from you soon and kind regards, Team Parkhero

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