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Darcia De Man


Positive investment possibilities, quick responses to queries.
Just 1 technical issue: when paying with MasterCard, the payment stays in the basket as if it has not been processed. One stays on the payment page of the credit card company. That page I have to close manually, then go back to Lendahand, to find the payment is still showing in the basket and then confusing me if the payment succeeded or not. When paying with Bancontact, the basket is emptied and you are redirected to a confirmation page, thanking for your investment. The latter is more secure as otherwise one is doubting if the payment went through or not with a risk of paying twice.

What do you think of the information on the Lendahand website?

Lots of information, but I am missing which investments defaulted. This would help in assessing risks for future investments. I understand one does not want to give negative information, but in this case it would just to be accurate and complete information.

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