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This is one of the worst services of the delivery I have gotten. The delivery time changed multiple times. I was at home the whole time, waiting for it; the mailman didn't even show up. They have sent me the message that nobody was home; that is absurd as I live in a corridor with 25 people; we were all at home, and the doors were left unlocked for the mailman to enter. Out front, we even have a postal package bin for the packages to be delivered. There was no phone call or even just trying to talk to one person or enter the building. Because I was looking for the postage to arrive, I have seen it after 5 min that "supposedly" the delivery man was here, I have tried their chat function to get in touch with some of the people. Still, only a non-helpful automatic robot machine responds without knowing how to detect the language or further it to the necessary party.

Horrible experience. Don't recommend it.

Reply Ledpanelwholesale:

Dear Customer,
thank you very much for the feedback!
I understand your disappointment and your situation for which we apologize.
We have forwarded the feedback to the respective postal service provider so that it can be brought to their attention.
Currently, there are unfortunately delivery delays with many parcel service providers due to the high online orders.
We hope that in a short time it will resume the normal course.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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