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1) The seams and zippers are very light, so it remains to be seen whether they will hold up over time.
2) The string used to tighten the sleeve on the lens sometimes falls in front of the lens.
3) The small apertures could be a little larger.
3) A handle on the bag would be a plus.
4) The 2 straps on the bag are too short; lengthening them by a few centimeters would make it easier to carry the bag.
5) Folding the tent is a real headache, even with a little experience.

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Reply Buteo Photo Gear:

Hello Fassin, thank you for your review and feedback. The seams and zippers maybe look "light", but we have them since 2015 and sold thousands of photo hides with them. Of course we had sometimes an issue, but all over they are of a very good quality. That's why we have two year warranty. On many products of thousands of euros/dollars you have a year... The string for the sleeve(Snoot) must be fastened with the stopper and the string must been put away between the inside of the sleeve and your lens (Sun hood), so it will come never in front of your lens. And the string is at the downside of the sleeve. Small apertures (monitor windows) is personal, many photographers want them small. A handle on the bag could be useful, but there are 2 straps and most photographers carry the hide with them. Straps too short depend on size person and clothing, but in the future we will make them longer to fit most of the people. Folding the tent is in the beginning difficult for some people. Please watch our video's that we send and practice. It will become a "second nature". But thanks again for your feedback. Please use the photo hide, practice and above all enjoy nature and wildlife. Wish you nice adventures and good results with your photo hide Buteo Mark II. All the best, Jurgen & Team.

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