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Frederik Stenholt Bruun


Good as always. This is now my third time buying boat from Luka.

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4 years ago sailor friends of mine, recommended White Whale Yachtbrokers as a trustworthy company.

Strengths of White Whale

Trustworthy, you won't get disappointed when flying down to look at the vessel. Luka shows the "truth" and sents pictures of all the flaws, and broken parts as a used yacht have beforehand.

Improvements or suggestions

Change company name:-P First boat I bought(JO36), I hit a Sperm Whale mid atlantic causing the rudder to delaminate and made damage in the front. Second boat(OCEANIS 50) I hit a Sperm Whale mid pacific (1.500nm from shore), causing the boat to sink in 1 hour. So maybe a name not mentioning a whale? I like buying boats from Luka, but as a said to him in Croatia. "If I come back within 3 years, things didn't go as planned with this vessel."

Score on White Whale Yachtbrokers: 5/5
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