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Howard Sullivan


I decided to sell my SSR registered 10 metre Motor Yacht which was lying in a Southern Spanish port and appointed Frans Bennekers of White Whale, Aguadulce as sales agent on 18th January 2022.
The Yacht was sold to a customer resident in England who wanted to use it in there. It arrived at the Marina in Lincolnshire on 21st of March 2022. Frans worked seamlessly with me, the customer, ports and freight company to achieve it all in 2 months.
This was all within the added complications of changing regulations due to Brexit and ongoing Covid restrictions.
Apart from the service, it is a demonstration of the reach of the White Whale organisation and how to get things done in a friendly and understanding manner.

How did you find White Whale Yachtbrokers

He found me, due to his networking

Strengths of White Whale

Knowledge of boats and boating, good networking and flexibility in a unique situation.

Improvements or suggestions

I don't think I need to answer this one. See above

Score on White Whale Yachtbrokers: 5/5
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