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549 Reviews

Y. Qin

I'm very disappointed with the card through the flowers are fine. I have especially paid €2 to upgrade the normal €1 card to a birthday card for my mom. However, what she has received is only a...


The flowers are ok and the delivery is on time. The vase does not resemble what appears on the website picture but at least there is a glass vase for you to put the flowers in it.

Reply Flowers.NL:

Sorry that you are disappointed by our Service.

This is what has happened.
There have been 2 cards attached to the bouquet. By mistake is the standard card with the text was also attached to the bouquet this is the card that you are referring to. However, there has also been a luxe card attached to the bouquet with the handwritten text. some times it can happen that this is not at first clearly visible and it's lost between some Flowers.

We have refunded the € 2,00 into your account.

Further, I would like to point you to the text that is below the vase on our website.
A vase will be selected by our florist that will fit with the flowers.
We do not say that the vase is identical to the picture.

I would like to suggest to you for the future to inform us directly after delivery in regards to your dissatisfaction, we could have clear things directly with you.
Waiting for more than a month doesn't help.

Michael Law

Used three times always impressive product and service
Highly recommendable


Excellent service and products!


Great and instantaneous communication despite an eight hour time difference.


Not satisfied. The idea of sending flowers is to surprise someone... Leaving a note behind to the recipient to call them for an appointment to deliver and then read the card to them on the phone.......

Reply Flowers.NL:

We don't really understand your dissatisfaction.
It's out of our hands when the recipient isn't at home on the time of delivery.
Further is it a normal procedure in the Netherlands that when a person is not at home they call the Florist to reschedule a new delivery moment.

When recipient asks our Florist to reveal the name of the sender that's on the card in order to decide if she wants to accept the flowers, It is common that our Florist fulfils the request of the recipient.

I also would like to point you to our terms of delivery that you accepted. in the terms, we describe the whole delivery process when a person is not at home.

Nadiia Kolibaba

You exceeded all expectations! The flowers in fact were even more beautiful than on the photo! Thank you! :)


Beautiful flowers compositions and fast same day delivery




On time, reasonable prices and beautiful fresh flowers.

Yvonne Maxwell

The order was very easily made online. The flowers were delivered at the time requested and were absolutely stunning. I would recommend with confidence.


Fresh and beautifully arranged flowers


The flowers are amazing beautiful ! For that price, the bouquet is huge! Sister and niece are happy very! Also chocolate is nice! I recommend you, they sent quickly and on time.Bedankt!!!!! Next...

Mihai Constantin

Excellent services overall!

Thank you!

Mihai C

Anne Weesie

Flowers are nothing like expected. Orderd a nice fieldmix but received something that did not even come close to what the picture looked like. The style of the flowers is too different.