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It has been a mixed experience having undertaken the Intensive Dutch (A0+A1+A2) level and currently being in the Intermediate Dutch (B1) level.

Although the course information for each of the levels available already describes an overview of the course, it would manage expectations better to include a short explanation on the course methodology.

For example at Intensive level - The course will be centralised on the book, Nederlands in Gang, supported with additional supplementary notes, extensive explanation on the structure of the vocabulary and grammatica as well as peer discussions for practice.

At Intermediate level - The course fully focuses on the book, Nederlands in Actie. As such, this level tests a student's A2 proficiency level. A student must be able to set aside time for self study as there will be a wide range of homework with peer discussion practice during the lessons. There will be no additional notes or explanation. A student must be self-sufficient otherwise one will struggle to follow the lessons.

Reply UvA Talen EN:

Thank you for your feedback, Cynthia. We really appreciate your remarks and will take this under consideration going forward.

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