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Kavya Baskar/ Deloitte NL


The instructor did her best to transfer as much knowledge as possible in 10 online classes. Her methods enabled quick learning. Her insitence on learning by speaking helped a lot. She had lots of patience to attend to each individual. She spoke every word clearly most of the times and sometimes spoke fast for us to get used to normal speaking speed. This course gave me the confidence to take up the Dutch Inburgering exams and I have passed 3 of the 5 skills and am awaiting the other 2 results. Overall it was a very positive and educative course.

Reply UvA Talen EN:

Thank you for your feedback, Kavya. Congratulations on your Dutch Inburgering exam results thus far. We are so glad we could help you!

Score on UvA Talen EN: 5/5
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