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Andrei-George Hondrari


The staff was exemplary.
The wines are tasty.

Some of the dishes were great, for example ramen, roasted soup and white fish with mashed potatoes were pretty good.

We had a bad experience with the veggie burger, which was burned, and the fried potatoes and onion rings that came with the burger were deep fried & oily and looked very cheap, comparable to something you would get from a low-end street food truck. The staff was kind enough to give us free drinks as compensation for the burger.

The online menu does not match the menu inside the restaurant, which is confusing.

I understand that because of the corona they want to sell more but, forcing a two-course meal to the customers is a bit on the negative side, because we were not that hungry and we didn't want to order a full-course meal.

Score voor Usine: 3.5/5
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