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Dawn Miranda


I contacted stein rug cleaning and got a reasonable estimate to clean our 6 by 9 area rug that the dog had gotten sick on. They picked up the rug on June23, Said it would take 2 weeks. In the interim the dog got sick on a larger rug so we called stein. They came on July 5 and picked up the larger rug. Later that day I received a call from someone at Stein saying before they could perform the cleaning in the larger rug the fringes needed to be replaced . We decided to go with the repair and they gave us a “ break” since we paid $179 for cleaning the small rug and $264 for this larger rug. Fringe would cost $1000. Well after not hearing from stein I called and asked for the rugs we agreed on July 28 between 11-2. Well at 2:-5 I called. They said truck broke down I was upset no one even contacted me to tell me this I had to call them. New delivery date was august 2 but I get a call the day before the can’t come will be august 4. Rugs come big rug with new fringe looks good small rug looks like it was never cleaned and had a green spot on it. The rug is cream and navy! It looks faded on one half and looks actually worse the before Stein took it. I email them pictures of the rug and call several times I go to voice mail. I then block my number and call and magically David answered the phone, never got my emails gave me another address to send they get returned! I start calling again I go to bounce mail. I call from my friends phone and David answers. Will not refund my money says I am extorting then. I email again no answer I out a bad review on yelp snd DVid calls me on a Sunday!!! Wow!! Tells me they will not “consider” a refund till I remove my bad review!!! I said refund me and I will remove it, he absolutely refused. They were paid $1500 I am not asking for a new rug even though they damaged it , I want the 170 refunded for the cleaning they did or did not do. The rug looks awful and needs to be thrown out.

Score on Stein Rug Cleaning: 1/5
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