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Ravi Inamdar


Private Fleet are Thieves:
All my friends who are looking to buy new cars from private fleet , be aware they can steal money from your credit card. I just had bad experience from agent Umar Khan , he took the deposit money from my credit card without my permission.
I was looking to buy Rav4 hybrid with my trade in car Nissan Xtrail. On 06/06/19 Umar Khan called me several times to keep me posted on best price he can get. At end of the day 7pm he called me to ask lowest price I said $32700. Umar khan said I can try but I will need to put your credit card details , I didn’t thought much and my mistake I should have not given my credit card details. But I didn’t know Umar khan is going to take money from my credit card. The moment I gave my credit card & disconnect the call , I got notifications on my commbank app $1178 debited. Immediately Umar khan called me “congratulations you got car for $32700” I said it’s fine but you took money without my permission. He said $1000 is deposit & $178 is processing fee but don’t worry I will get you $178 waived as referral program. I asked when is delivery date , Umar assured me to let me know 07-06-19 by midday , Umar khan came back with deliver date 26/07/19 and I said no , pls cancel my order , you promised delivery date is 10-14 days and I’m buying for business purposes for tax benefit, I explained him what’s the point getting loan processed in June when car is getting delivered in July.
I said no for the order & sent him text to cancel order on 07/06/19 despite of saying no , Umar khan processed my order at 7pm just to meet his sale target.
Since then I’m dealing with their dispute team Sandy Marquette that Umar khan stolen money from my credit card without my permission & requested several time to listen to phone recording on 06/06/19 7pm but sandy keep ignoring talking about phone recording .
Just bcoz they had my credit card details, they deliberately processed the order, despite of saying no to process order , these people bully you, I gave them example of TPG, Optus and online orders companies read T&c saying “ all calls are recorded for training & monitoring purposes “ and before any agent took money they ask for permission from customers “ do you agree to pay the amount “ after customer says yes then money is taken from the credit card.
Umar khan stolen the money without telling me the amount he is going to deduct from my credit card.
When money was debited , I was not given any invoice. After several requests Sandy sent me invoice itemised $1000 deposit and $178 membership fee.

I questioned Sandy to show T&C on their website that $178 is membership fee & is non refundable ???
Sandy was saying $178 is referral program for same family members,
I asked sandy to provide me signed agreement that I have signed for private fleet membership ?
Also show me that $178 is waived for family members only.
So far sandy hasn’t provided me any evidence on membership form, referral program and call recording.
So to all my friends looking to buy new cars ... pls don’t use private fleet service they steal money from your credit card without authorisation. They steal money from your credit card.. never ever give your credit card details until t&c are read by agents over by the phone.
I’m still struggling to get my refund on $178.
By the way I got the same car from another dealer that was available in stock from western Toyota and did not have to wait till 26/07/2019.
I doubt private fleet have network with 40-50 dealers , if they had then I don’t need to wait delivery till July.
I hope my this bad experience will be helpful to others who are looking to buy new cars. This is my first brand new car and I had terrible experience with private fleet.
Never ever give your credit card details & ask for fine prints on their T&C. Anyway it’s not worth dealing with private fleet as you can negotiate better price with dealer ,
Rav4 hybrid what I was getting from Private fleet has no floor mat and delivery in July 2019, where as I got better deal $32500 available in stock from Sydney dealer with floor mat & weather shield. So friends private fleet will steal your money & rip you off.

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Transparency, honesty, ethics, are lacking in company’s employees and managers . Company board members & director needs to step in to train employees To read T&C before deducting money from customers credit card

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