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Mr T


I attempted to purchase two vehicles. One was cancelled due to failure to meet delivery time. When I spoke to the salesperson to discuss dates, they we not aware of any time stipulation. Very poor communication between private fleet, sales (supplier) and myself.

The other car was purchased but the delivery time continued to be extended missing my anniversary date. I am realistic about car times and understand that delays can happen. However, I take issue with being told times that were unrealistic (according to the salesperson) by private fleet. In addition, when trying to clarify the trade-in-value of my car, I was told different prices. My confidence in the people handling my case began to falter. I never felt that the situation was satisfactory resolved, especially when I questioned the billing of items that were already included in the car package. In the end, it was easier to just complete the transaction and walk away.

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If things were more transparent then it would have been a more pleasant transaction.

Score on Private Fleet: 1/5
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