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The staff was not very professional, we had to wait when we arrived, we had to wait when ordering at the bar, we were asked for a pincard to hold until we paid the drinks, then the staff could not find it when we tried to pay. Someone got slightly hurt because some of the walls in the laser tag are very black and someone walked into one. No staff member was at the door when the person injured came out. Luckily the injury was not serious, just bruises, but I don't know how long it would have taken for the staff to react if the injury had been serious

Reactie Powerzone:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for taking the time to review our activities and service. Your comments are taken seriously and we will be reviewing our policy for holding cards and revisiting our training to ensure all staff are aware of the policy and we can avoid such confusion in future.
Regarding the accident in the laser-arena. We do indeed have a staff member dedicated to the laser gaming. However, rather than just standing by idle for the time the guests are inside playing, they tend to assist their colleagues in the bar during this time. The bar is situated right next to the laser game so we can assure you it would not have taken a long time to attend to more severe injuries. The safety of our guests is our priority and therefore we have several 1st aiders on site at any given time as well as 4 first aid kits throughout the building.
So our apologies for giving the impression that we were not professional as you stated - I can assure you this was not our intention.
Hopefully, you will allow us to welcome you back one day!
Your Powerzone Team

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