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Absolutely fantastic


I hated doing my bookkeeping, literally every time I postponed it to the very last day possible due to this. After we really needed some bookkeeping software for our company we decided to try Moneybird and I think it's truly fantastic. I've now set up automatic forwarders in my e-mail and quite a lot of the work goes automatically. I also love the invoice / quote features and the API is simple and fast.

I have a few points of improvement which I've missed in setting up:

- Plain text e-mail receipts render terribly, it'd be great if you rendered it somewhere and would render a screenshot of the email instead of the plain text view (I know you can click the button but it opens in a new tab and blegh...)
- It'd be great if you had some official "getting started" video tutorials, the ones on YouTube didn't help me too much
- Removing bank statements, I've spoken to support and understand why this feature shouldn't exist but for me it was a lot of work getting started since I didn't yet separate private and business expenses properly
- Improving the "Incoming" process flow, it seems like I have to do a few unnecessary clicks going through several documents

Although there are improvements; I'd still like to say that you made something which I hated into something I like keeping up to date and neat and for that I am incredibly thankful.

Reactie Moneybird:

Thank you for your review. I've noted your feedback for improvements, so hopefully bookkeeping will be even more fun for you in the future.

Score voor Moneybird: 5/5
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