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Linus Grob


It's good and intuitive. The only two exceptions to that are that the e-wallet overview doesn't include projects that I invested in but haven't started yet and the fact that I sometimes need to wait up to 20min before I can perform my payment (it says sth. about something still being processed, has happened already twice already).
I would recommend it, but with caution since I haven't received any returns so far.

What do you think of the information on the Lendahand website?

The transparency regarding defaults and your own margins is exceptional. This way I can imagine, how much the end borrower finally pays, which is very hard on other platforms and makes me wonder, if those loans are actually "social". On the other hand, I also wonder how viable your business model is; by multiplying the total amount borrowed over the last few years with your margin, turnover seems very low. Ergo I hope you're thinking about how to scale up most efficiently. For instance, you could stop offering those small 3.00% projects separately and instead make a "fund" where you put in all those projects and people can invest continuously. From what I saw on your platform so far, this would make most sense for small environmental projects and small projects benefitting women.

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