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Info over verloop order / About turnover order
Klantvriendelijkheid / Customer service
Snelheid levering / Speed delivery
Informatie op de website / Information at the website
Bestelgemak / Easy ordering

Jane doe


Website was easy to navigate. Products are great value for money compared to other similar sites with same, and in most cases, better quality. I was kept informed regarding my order from setting up account to receipt to shipping and received a proper invoice. Packaging was personalized and fun to open. Loved the samples and other extras included in package. I am a big fan and would recommend and definitely re-order.

Sterke punten / Strong points

Customer service / real-time information

Verbeterpunten of tips / Improvement points or tips

Less tissue paper / scotch tape. Individual wrapping is great but could use a more professional touch.

Reactie Latex Repair:

Thank you for your great feedback! We used to do no wrapping. But then customers said they adviced it wrapped in tissue paper... so for us very difficult to choose what to do, no wrapping or wrapping... Therefore we decide to use thin red tissue paper. Some love it and make unboxing video's with it, some say it is a waste of paper... a difficult matter...

Score voor Latex Repair: 5/5
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