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Info over verloop order / About turnover order
Klantvriendelijkheid / Customer service
Snelheid levering / Speed delivery
Informatie op de website / Information at the website
Bestelgemak / Easy ordering

Descombes J-E


I was needing goods to repair a lovoly skirt from Simon-O

Sterke punten / Strong points

Easy to order, everything needed is there.

Verbeterpunten of tips / Improvement points or tips

Make english and french traduction on the short video tips.

Reactie Latex Repair:

We are working on translation of all our video's in 6 languages... so they will be in the future. But we also got responses from clients they say that subtitles are realy not needed because the video's are so easy and step by step to follow...

Score voor Latex Repair: 5/5
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Latex Cement, latex sheet