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Happy with my purchase. Good quality, prices and very fast delivery. I would like to order more, but I find the delivery cost too high and the minimun of 50 cm piece to order is an inconvenience for a beginner.

Sterke punten / Strong points

Variety, quality.

Verbeterpunten of tips / Improvement points or tips

Cheaper delivery cost in NL and be able to order less than 50 cm per colour.

Reactie Latex Repair:

Thank you for your feedback. You can order less then 50 cm if you have a look at our left over page, there are a lot of small pieces of latex. Shipping can not be cheaper unfortunately. We ship for 5,99 with track and trace and ensured no matter what size or weight the package is, so even large and heavy packages clients only pay 5,99.

Score voor Latex Repair: 3.5/5
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