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Alex Brie


I had a very bad experience with this site and I leave this comment to avoid that other people get screwed. However, I am aware that this message will probably be censored, oops, sorry, I meant moderate. So here is the last answer from the after-sales service I got: "I think that we will not come to a satisfactory agreement, You can use the return label for which ever item you want to send back" one month after placing my order. Incredible, something never seen in ten years of buying bicycle parts on the Internet. I've already assembled half the parts, now I'd have to disassemble everything I've done? I would like to point out that dismantling / reassembling a telescopic seat post does not take 5 minutes, all because an O-ring bag was wrong? They made a mistake in part of my order (a bag in a telescopic saddle renovation kit) and they are not able to fix it. I am absolutely sure I ordered the right kit because all the other parts match and the references are the same on other web shopping sites.
I'm really unhappy, I have a revised three-quarter telescopic saddle but I can't finish it just because they don't want to send me the right bag back. I would like to point out that I first discovered that an O-ring was missing and they sent it back to me (after 10 days) and probably think they have done enough for me. Unfortunately for me, if an O-ring was missing it was because it was not the right bag and the other O-ring in it is not the right one neither, which I only realized when I tried to mount it.
So I have to reorder the complete kit because no seller sells it at retail. Of course, all this after a month of immobilization of my bike. I fulminate
Friends mountain bikers: flee this site!!!!!

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