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I contacted Eric to help me recover with outstanding invoice payments from a client. Eric was quick to respond and start the process. Recovering the costs from the client was quite a challenge but we managed to get 80% before the client refused to pay his entire debt. During the entire process, Eric was always quick to reach and handle things in a professional manner.

I can recommend working with Eurocollect and have some ideas to make the service better:

1. While we started collaborating quickly, I would have loved to see a contract that states the terms and conditions for the time of collaboration first before reaching out to the client.
2. For collaboration in different countries and timezones, using zoom or google meets for calls can make the process more smooth. MS teams or telephone is not ideal.
3. For clients from different countries, the website and invoices would be better to have in English.


Hello Nughen,
super thanks for your nice review and the accompanying suggestions.
We will definitely take certain things into consideration but also other things are simply not possible according to Belgian legislation.
Our agreement was confirmed by you through our link on the website. Normally you should have received this by mail as well.
It is true that there were several time differences present.
You are on the road a lot, in Europe, Asia, India, etc. To avoid disturbing each other at inconvenient hours, we communicated a lot by e-mail. No problem for me, but online zoom gives a warmer contact between people. I certainly understand, and we will take it with us for the future.
As far as our invoices are concerned, we are obliged by the Flemish Language Act to draw up our official commercial documents in Dutch.
We can of course always provide the customer with a translated copy.
Again, clearly a good suggestion from you.
Once again, thank you for the pleasant cooperation.

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