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Terrible company. The customer service is a mess. They don't meet their promises, refuse to give clear information to customers and if you are a foreigner like me, stay away from them. They make it clear that they don't like you.
I have a device with a 2 years warranty that was defective after the first year. When I called to have it fixed, I was informed that there is no mechanic to fix it unless I pay for it, because I didn't buy the subscription service. I HAVE A WARRANTY BUT CAN NOT USE IT. It is unbelievable. Then I decided to hire the subscription against my will in order to have it fixed. Next day I had a mechanic here and 3 days later a bill to be paid for the visit, even though I signed the subscription as I was requested. It is hell to get something done with this company. Every time I needed them, I had soo many headaches that I decided to go to court in order to solve my problems.

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Misinformation, rude staff and surprise fees.

Reactie De Eilanden Installatie Techniek:

Dear Mr Furlan,
we do not understand your response because we believe we have helped you properly.
We placed your boiler 1,5 years ago and did not take out a subscription and reported a malfunction
Your boiler still has 0.5 year warranty but you had problems with your tado system, this has been solved by us.
Now you are angry because a small bill has been sent for our work, we regret that.

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