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I ordered a pop-up bird hide tent 6 weeks before Christmas in order to receive it on time. Unfortunately it did not arrive. However, I received regular communication that the matter was being investigated, and a full refund one week before Christmas. While it was disappointing not to receive the tent, I understand the stress that covid-related transport issues are placing on business owners. Also, I would just point out for any future business with South Africa -that anything shipped to SA needs to be fully traceable and insured - even outside covid times - as our postal service is unreliable. Anyone shipping to this country needs to be aware of this.

I appreciate the honest and professional service and will attempt to purchase the tent in the future when in Europe rather.

Reply Buteo Photo Gear:

Hi Tamara, thanks for your review. Good to hear that you experienced us as honest and with a professional service. Have a good day, all the best, Jurgen

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