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Farideh Hajyakbary


We have horrible experience with this company. We ordered our spa more than 35 weeks ago and while we should have it after 20 weeks we haven’t received it. Every week they are postponing to next week and when we want to cancle our oder they ask 30% damage which is about 2400 euro. It is really ridicules. We have a hole 2.5 meter by 2.5 meter in middle of garden for more than 15 weeks. I do not advise this company at all. We are really really regret to work with them. Farideh Hajyakbary and Mohsen Alirezaei


Dear miss Farideh and mister Mohsen,
We sold the spa to you and from day 1 it was very clear that it took around 25 weeks. This is also noted in the salesorder. At the moment you are not waiting 35 weeks but 27 weeks.
I told your husband last week that the spa would be in our warehouse within 7 days but because of the many delays in the container freight i could not give here a 100% warranty on this.
Yesterday the spa finally arrived in our warehouse but if the feeling is not good for you it is better to buy your spa somewhere else. I do not know what your husband told you but i told him you can cancel the order without any problem.
I am very sorry about the situation we are also not happy with this, because we also would like to deliver asap.
But the way you are threatening us with bad reviews because of a 2 weeks delay doesn't help the situation.
I hope you and your husband will find somewhere else a nice spa so you can relax a bit more, you will need it ;-)
Best regards,
Michiel Broker

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